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Diary of a Teenage Political Pundit
Election 2004: Candidates


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Election 2004:

This is where I'll be giving the latest on individual candidates in the 2004 Presidential Election.

This page features a rotating biography of the Democratic Candidates, as well as any major third party candidates. (right now a different candidate can be found every week, as more candidates declare, it will change daily).
Below you can find this week's candidate along with a picture that I selected that I think fits him or her. To the right is a list of the official campaign sites for each of the 2004 candidates. If I haven't included your candidate's site, please contact me
with the full web address. No personal sites accepted--only those officially endorsed by the individual candidate.

Rain forest

"The Democratic Party must become the party of re-regulation, of public control, of public accountability, of public power not only in energy--but in health care."

Dennis Kucinich

Age: 54

Education:  Unknown at this time

Experience: Mayor of Cleveland; Ohio State Senate; U.S. Hous of Representatives places him as a  Moderate Liberal Populist (click for more info)

Candidates for President 2004:

note: only official sites are included. If a candidate drops out, his or her name will be removed from this list.